Freedom to Be Heard

The last couple days I’ve been diving into Freedom to Be Heard. It’s the second part of a three part series with creative freedom as the ultimate goal. And wow, what a coincidence that right now women from around the world are fighting be heard. What do we do when others don’t hear us? WhatContinue reading “Freedom to Be Heard”

Letters to Myself

There’s no quit in you. I’ve seen you fight off the impending spiral with words from ancient texts and visions brought to you in the middle of night. Never once did I doubt you. You rest and come back as if you never stepped away. You’ve laid brick by brick by brick. You’ve sweat. You’veContinue reading “Letters to Myself”

How to Create Space for Us

In my last post Create * Space * For * Us * To * Lead I shared some stats from about underrepresentation of the bipoc communtiy in nonprofit leadership, I discussed how micro aggressions kept me from being my best self, and how I want to find ways to make sure the bipoc communityContinue reading “How to Create Space for Us”

Create * Space * So * We * Can * Lead

Recent studies have found that people of color are underrepresented in nonprofit leadership, making up just 8% of executive directors nationwide. BY MORGAN C. MULLINGS NOVEMBER 5, 2020 Out of all respondents in the Race to Lead survey, 58% of people of color expressed an interest in becoming a leader in their nonprofit, while only 38%Continue reading “Create * Space * So * We * Can * Lead”

Freedom to Grow

Freedom to grow, what does that even mean? Freedom to grow as a writer is allowing yourself to expand into new places and spaces that will give you more experience, wisdom, and knowledge. Why do we need freedom to grow? Referring back to the definition, freedom grow gives us more experience, wisdom, and knowledge. ThoseContinue reading “Freedom to Grow”

Your Character’s Path

When you’re writing a character, don’t forget to make bad choices an option presented to them as a way to fulfill their desires. We as humans have to calculate risks all the time. Those in leadership positions have to calculate risks that may affect more than themselves. Those who aren’t in leadership still have toContinue reading “Your Character’s Path”

Your Words

Don’t swallow your words before they reach the keyboard. First drafts are supposed to be riddled with scattered thoughts. You are supposed to let it all out and organize it later. When we don’t allow our minds the space to unload, we lose that connection to our creativity. There’s writers out there writing entire novelsContinue reading “Your Words”