Edward Burne-Jones

    The picture above taken from The Flower Book by Edward Burne-Jones (1833–1898) is a series of 38 round watercolours, each about six inches across. Designs in the “Flower Book” are a fantasy on the popular name, rather than the actual appearance of the flower. According to Wikipedia, in a letter he wrote, “I wantContinue reading “Edward Burne-Jones”

For the first day of 2018

I was excited to receive The Liebster by  Matthew G from Grabba Blog. Thank you Matthew. I’m super grateful you thought of me. To be nominated by a writer who’s page is exciting, edgy, and unique is such an honor and a fun way to start 2018!! What is the Liebster Award? The Liebster Award 2017Continue reading “For the first day of 2018”

Favorite Bloggers of all time

My all time favorite blogger is S.K. Nicholas at Myredabyss.com.  He just amazes me with his brain and creativity. His blog has grown and evolved along with him and it’s quite entertaining to watch. He has yet to bore me. I always feel my review of his blog will never be good enough. So IContinue reading “Favorite Bloggers of all time”


Originally posted on White Lies:
Breathe Inhale the deep frustration Lighten up dear, it’s a hoax A Jack In The Box, spring-back Whirlwind of winded emotions I wake up Remember to blink Once more, for good measure Turn around to see a familiar body But a forgetful road Crick, Crank Churn the cogs, another spent,…

Baa Humbug

Can you just add the Baa to my humbug Lets stay in bed and cuddle under the covers dreaming up new dreams Let the ghosts come bring us back to childhood to remind us what we really need They’d agree it’s to write and that all these bells and tinsels are unnecessary I’d say letsContinue reading “Baa Humbug”