Road Trip Check in

We made it safe to our hotel pretty late. It’s windy out here in Austin! The wind was treating the trucks on our route like rag dolls. Lot’s of trucks were on the side rode and we even seen a couple trucks regain control after battling the wind on the road in front of us.Continue reading “Road Trip Check in”

A Writing Woman’s Space

Inspired Virginia Woolf’s “A room of her own.” What genius and integrity it is for female writers today to write with all the criticism they receive, not just from men but also from other women. Not just about writing but for the way they choose to live. We as women are expected to follow suitContinue reading “A Writing Woman’s Space”

Overcompensating From Fear of Loss

For the Conscious Writer Impending loss has an aura of grief around it. It stalks the ones closest to it and it has not one ounce of sympathy for our very fragile emotions. -Saschia Johnson When writing a character who feels like they are losing the one they love, they should overcompensate. They might thinkContinue reading “Overcompensating From Fear of Loss”

Too Tired To Work Toward Your Dreams?

Too Tired To Work Toward Your Goals? I feel you You have dreams and goals. You have them laid out and your to-do list is jam packed. When you wrote the list, you were eager and excited. And now the excitement is starting to dwindle. You’re run down. You’ve pushed yourself too far. Now you’reContinue reading “Too Tired To Work Toward Your Dreams?”

Be Both Scared and Courageous

Be Both Scared and Courageous  Because I believe you can.   Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash I’m scared of a lot of things. I’m afraid of being wrong and bringing people down with me. I’m afraid of starting over, I’m afraid that making money off my writing is going to turn me into an egotistical asshole. I’mContinue reading “Be Both Scared and Courageous”

The Whole Artist

Can’t be seen in one piece of art Photo by Martino Pietropoli on Unsplash When you look at an artist’s work, you can’t look at one piece and know the whole artist. One piece of work is just a bleep on the radar. Especially in today’s world. You can’t just look at one post, or one blog, orContinue reading “The Whole Artist”

An Entanglement With Yourself

Are you tired of giving more than you getting? Are you straight up miserable in your life? It might be time to cheat on your lovers with yourself. Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash There comes a time in your life where you have to step back and look at the bigger picture. What is the bigger pictureContinue reading “An Entanglement With Yourself”

When Things Workout

Not all broken commitments hurt. Some we hope won’t work. Some commitments we initially hope don’t work out, and then when they don’t, we realize we do want it to work out. Then there’s some that work out and you wished they didn’t. The ones that workout just the way you planned, are priceless. read more…

Extracting Ideas From The Inside

This is literally what a thought looks inside the brain. But when we think, this is not what we see. Today I’d like to discuss how we get our thoughts from conception into a place where we can mold them into a story. Getting ideas from pure thought onto paper can be a complicated thing. ButContinue reading “Extracting Ideas From The Inside”

Please Exist

There is a reason why you’re here It’s to read this poem and to realize this poem’s existence would cease without you It would be silent A dead silence with the night air stuck in a place that never really existed It would lack the chaos of us Trees would fall into oblivion I wouldContinue reading “Please Exist”