Crumbs Dishes

I’m in search of symbols I search the worst places first starting with Social media the dusty ones Those few I should’ve deleted   I clean the house Because they could be mixed in with the dishes Or with the crumbs on the carpet And when that’s through I sit and think And think If … More Crumbs Dishes


This world is edgy everywhere I step I find edge Or maybe it’s because I walk along it This last time got too close for comfort I better find myself further from the edge before I fall over it    

~*Energy Drinks*~

I take a sip and my vision comes clear My thoughts come from behind my skull and hallucinations would plague me if they weren’t the object of my reseach Sleep after a glass of relaxation my feminine eyes narrow and disperse into the horizon where wind meets the lips of God And when the can … More ~*Energy Drinks*~


These hands write and write Wandering into the crevices between my floor boards I thought I heard a bed bug It’s causing this insane itch There’s a connection, I know it Maybe it was that night with the Russian The silly thing must want me to teach it English. Or it’s sent from a lover … More Connections

Give Me A Name

The poetry of Adam sucked into the cosmos imagined before it had a name These white eyes laced with fear guide her into the flame of God Her bloom leaves behind a rosie smear Yesterday a whore today a consecrated marriage never touched An unholy relic She’s my bride We venture into the unknown entwined   -Saschia Johnson