I can get angry and sad but generally I’m a happy girl Always smiling, always laughing creative eye always searching I tend to be too positive The bad in humans evades my view So when I see it, it becomes my art Because not all people are good I know that, I just can’t see … More Blind

Too much snow

There’s too much snow It’s to my knees and everything I need is hidden below I have to plant seeds, side the house and these gutters won’t clean themselves My days are spent salting and shoveling. Cringing from the snow that fell in my boot I liked it in the beginning I liked it during … More Too much snow


How dare you dangle flesh and blood from the edge of your thumb, like she’s some sort of hangnail you’re dying to get rid of. Like she’s some sort of inconvenience. You can pull the wool over her eyes but I see your wicked ways. The secrets you’ve tucked behind your eyelids. Those ones that haunt … More Enough


Some days I’m just pushing through one more day. Just adding one more piece to the pile of experience. Every piece counts. Keep compiling. Yet, I can’t help but feel a twinge of guilt from my minimal effort. -Saschia Johnson

Travel Ideas

So if you don’t know this yet I’m a huge Roald Dahl Fan. (I mostly love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.) While reading ” Story Teller: The Authorized Biography of Roald Dahl” I found that he has a museum in the UK! Visiting the Roald Dahl museum is officially on my bucket list. It’s located … More Travel Ideas


You and me on a boat drifting between heaven and earth. Funny faces and parental nicknames like nappy and blankie. We’re rugged from it all. Tired and oddly inappropriate.   But together we’re something else entirely.   We’re mountains or islands we’re something larger something worth exploring. Yes, we are new and uncharted territory. Wild … More Wonderlust

Creative Process

The creative process to me is the most important act. I feel it’s important to demand respect in my creative process. Of course, this process isn’t a thing that’s visible to all. And that’s because it is created in my own mind, so it’s not expected to be understood by anyone else. We have secrets, … More Creative Process

Critic Blurb

My critical voice has a one liner I have yet to combat. It usually goes something like, I guess I’m just not cut out for this. It’s comes in many different ways. That’s my excuse, my weak spot. Those are the words my inner child says hears right before a melt down or, in writers … More Critic Blurb