Sweaty Palms

Speaking of posting things that make our palms sweat and our hearts beat out of our chest. I figured I’d post a personal one. Race is something that is extremely hard for me to talk about. I have a post in drafts that’s still there about the complexities of growing up bi-racial. But I figured … More Sweaty Palms

Happy Thanksgiving

Over here at Jayne.press we are thankful for those who step out and write the things that make their heart race and their palms sweat. Cheers to all and Happy Thanksgiving from us to you.  

Love Song

  I admire his persistence and oh, how his howling soothes Like the thumping inside her womb those vibrating drums birthed from her mouth I admire his persistence how her beats stretch across his howl The night twinkles bare, bare, bare, with dull blood Dance in her womb, crawl on your knees, eyes shut A mighty … More Love Song

The Mason

The Mason He picked up a red brick Brushed it off and placed it on the wet cement. He had sweat on his brow that Drip dripped. His overalls and long sleeve plaid shirt Were a good choice that frigid morning But mid-day it was 80 degrees under the sun. He still stacked because if … More The Mason

Geoff Blanchett

Gracie at the Siege of Troy Upon the battered shores of Troy did Gracie arise from the lapping waves. As the armies of Agamemmnon charged the walls, Gracie followed in their wake, the marks of her claws in the sand the only trace of her path, her triangular head split wide in a grin, her … More Geoff Blanchett