A Whole Woman

She is a combination of everything she’s always wanted to be. She left limits for roadways and labels for truffles. She embodies a collection of all the mothers who raised her and all the fathers who tried their best. She’s a voice in the wilderness and a high tide. The storm is nestled in herContinue reading “A Whole Woman”

I pray

I pray the heavens above and the pits of hell below come together to teach you how to respect women that won’t include harm to your own children. I pray every woman who finds you learns to respect themselves while they are with you leaving you alone to deal with your own disrespect until theyContinue reading “I pray”

It’s Time

You are the embodiment Of the Egyptian godesses You hold light and life In the base of your belly Walk tall Be proud of where you came from You didn’t come from cupcakes You came from pain And heartache So It’s time to rise It’s time to be exactly who you were meant to beContinue reading “It’s Time”

I am Aphrodite, Farewell

The art flows free when I’m with Ares We tripped over the skulls of our enemies Sat on the piles of their riches stacked to the sky And I know, I don’t need Ares, or revenge, or riches to make art And I know he takes away my focus. Aphrodite is a healthier option TheContinue reading “I am Aphrodite, Farewell”

My Home is Rising

I’m setting my foundation below the surface Beneath the bulbs Mingled with tree roots Over 100 years old I sit alone and pick and pick I ride the drunkin boat And flow in all directions I wrap myself in gauze And slip into the silence I am here I’m alive And my home is risingContinue reading “My Home is Rising”


Linens hang from me I stand to rebuild and restore what was lost The stench of death will stalk me These pains will ache and swell and ooze And after the burial has ended I will emerge naked, broken, and old one with the soil stuck to my palms Maybe I will master the artContinue reading “Linen”