The distractions are monstrous the drive to replace the mask of positivity and the plague of territorial jealousy like a jack in the box I never wound but I love when it rains and I love when you show your true face the rugged one the one you’ve hidden in your arm pit insisting itContinue reading “Elsewhere”


The road winds in a manner that seems as if I keep walking in circles but there are very subtle differences differences only a curious person would notice like the flowers are a different shade of blue or the bugs are crawling on their backs rather than their bellies Makers of art wander on andContinue reading “Artists”

the unwritten character

Grinning she fills her hands with cupcakes and her pockets with candies. There’s no bringing her down. Her head is in the clouds full of happy dreams fed to her from a tv screen. She’s one positive guru with her bad feelings black and charred secretly tucked in the base of her Medulla. Her secretsContinue reading “the unwritten character”