Turn on the Light

While washing the dishes today, I was straining to see if the dishes were clean. Finally after squinting through a couple rinses my daughter came in the kitchen to make herself a snack while telling me about her day. When I looked at her to listen to what she had to say, that’s when IContinue reading “Turn on the Light”

My Abandonment Issues

I grew up as a dreamer in a single-family home. I wasn’t that different from my peers. However, most TV shows depicted two parent families or co-parenting which involved parents that were separated but did whatever they had to do to make it work out. The sad thoughts that come with the idea that someone thatContinue reading “My Abandonment Issues”


Things divided Silverware blankets random living supplies But you can’t divide children Here’s your mail And your time But these humans we have to share We could be fair about it But let’s be honest Life’s not fair Values aren’t shared So this is yours And that is mine See you the next time weContinue reading “Separation”

A Precious Thing

I rush to get my work done Less thought takes less energy Which sends me off to bed early I could spend the day contemplating The balance between Plato’s and Nietzsche’s opinions of “the good life” But the amount of energy it takes to develop that opinion is far too great It’d be smushed betweenContinue reading “A Precious Thing”