Desired Destination

Here we are again Bound to the same choices An endless loop Of learning to say no to the things That don’t seem so bad In the moment But cross my Clear set boundaries My boundaries are not a challenge Or a suggestion They are the streetlights and guardrails That keep me on the rightContinue reading “Desired Destination”

Demon Eyes

I’m not waiting for my blessings. I’m collecting them I Tack them to my wall For future reference Souls locked away For my own enjoyment You know, Husbands fucking wives Wives fucking husbands Making babies cry Making writers write Making me rise To another dimension That’s some human shit Tell me about it -Sasch

Not That Type

I do want to avoid this I’m not the waiting type I get what I want I’m spoiled rotten But impatience keeps making me Pay the price So now I’m over here Forcing myself to focus So I don’t become that good wife Sitting around waiting Like maybe he’ll come home Just To feel thisContinue reading “Not That Type”