The Positive Thinker Sees

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” Winston Churchill It’s not always easy but keeping your mind on good things really helps you maintain your composure in the midst of tough situations. I don’t mean passivity. I mean stepping into a complex situation and being able to manage itContinue reading “The Positive Thinker Sees”

One of Those Days

Toady was one of those days I wanted to go back to sleep and try again tomorrow. Today was also one of those days where everything went the way it was supposed to. No traffic, gas in the tank, food in my belly, under my calorie goal, hydrated. I mean everything went nice and smooth.Continue reading “One of Those Days”

Don’t Let Anxiety Keep You From Greatness

When I was a little girl I was scared of everything. After I had my first daughter, I realized I was capable of so much more than I thought. Not only did I push her out naturally, but I also successfully breastfed her for a year while working full time. The world became my oysterContinue reading “Don’t Let Anxiety Keep You From Greatness”

Until Then, I Write

I am here and I am not leaving I am in love and I will not stop loving This place is what I’ve created for us And I will continue to keep creating it for years to come I will wait I will cry And I will write Until you are wrapped in arms ofContinue reading “Until Then, I Write”

the unwritten character

Grinning she fills her hands with cupcakes and her pockets with candies. There’s no bringing her down. Her head is in the clouds full of happy dreams fed to her from a tv screen. She’s one positive guru with her bad feelings black and charred secretly tucked in the base of her Medulla. Her secretsContinue reading “the unwritten character”