Inspiration and Encouragement

I want my writing to inspire and encourage Inspiration and encouragement are the two best gifts to give humans at any time in their life but most importantly at the perfect time in their life. At a point in a time where those two things were exactly what they needed. A book can easily inspireContinue reading “Inspiration and Encouragement”

Hang On

Don’t be the thing you let go of for success. The key to success is to hang onto all of you as if your life depended on it. The things that bring you joy. The places that put a smile on your face. The scent that whisks you away from all your troubles. These areContinue reading “Hang On”


Fear is such a sneaky f*ck. Like it gets so ingrained into your subconscious that you don’t even acknowledge the blocks fear creates. Perfectionism is a symptom of fear but even if you worked through that there’s even deeper fears dictating our lives. Today in a Manifesting Master Class, I realized something I always doContinue reading “Fear”

Shoulders Back, Chin up

We all do things differently. There’s no one way to get to the finish line. There is suggestions on how to make the journey more enjoyable. There’s choices that could make it feel like you’re starting over but you’ll never start from the same place twice. You may even get to a point in lifeContinue reading “Shoulders Back, Chin up”

Rest Will Come

Jayne.Press·2 days ago Dignity is to dream without ceasing She wiggles her toesand reaches toward the heavensit’s not so far, she heard in a songthe heavens, that is. It ismuch closer than we think. At leastthat’s what they tell us. is it hope that I cling towhile I wrestle with his faithfaith in me faithContinue reading “Rest Will Come”


Queen Shit The red sea dividesthe waves crash and hold their placeshe walks betweenunscatheduntouched and welcomedinto new lands as she breaks freefrom the pastthat clung to herlike wet clothes on a hot summer daynow she’s gotsand between her toes andshe doesn’t even need her sandals Saschia Johnson originally posted on

How Did You Die?

For the Conscious Writer What you’re willing to die for, should be the same as what you’re willing to live for. Death is inevitable. Not in a depressing way but we all know it’s coming. What’s unknown, though? Your greatness? The impact your writing will have? How much you will change with your mere existence?Continue reading “How Did You Die?”

The Writer’s Den

Jayne.PressOct 22 · 3 min read For the Conscious Writer Now when you first hear the writers den, you might think of Roald Dahl’s writing hut (which can be found here). A place where a writer goes to find solace so they can write novels, think, daydream, and nap. This is not the writers den I’m referring to.Continue reading “The Writer’s Den”

Not Your Worries

For the Conscious Writer You’re going to the edge and leaping over it. No one is going to understand that and don’t expect anyone to. Not even the few that have known you and understood you you’re entire life. Conscious writing leads you to new horizons. Conscious writing is going to take you to placesContinue reading “Not Your Worries”

Dear Writer, Your Ability to Focus on Today is Amazing.

For Writers Editing Their First Draft Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash You stayed focused on today and that is amazing. When you focus too much on tomorrow it takes away from today. If you took your time and slowly carved away at your words, that is true craftsmanship. You can’t rush art. You know what you haveContinue reading “Dear Writer, Your Ability to Focus on Today is Amazing.”