To Live

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Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

There are a few different things that come to mind when we think about what it means to live. There’s the idea that we are walking, talking, breathing human beings that eat, sleep, and poop. Then there is the choice to live. To wake up and do more than just survive. This mindset looks like, tasting new things, going on adventures, saying yes to rest and no to unnecessary overtime. What would we even need to choose to live?

Where does the desire to live come from?

Before we talk about what we need to live, we should ask, what gets us to intentionally make choice to live? Is it desperation? Is it courage? What shifts our mindset from staying safe in monotony to taking on new risks and adventures? Some might say books do it for them. Some might say they are part of a community of people who inspired them. Then there’s some who believe it’s all in the stars.

Then again, maybe the right question to start with would be where did it go? There’s a lot of things in life that clam us up. There’s grief and trauma and unacknowledged behaviors. These are all good reasons to clam up. There’s a million smart reasons to stay safe in your own little shell. I’m not here to convince you either way. I’m just here to understand how to make the shift.

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This was originally published on the publication titled Know Thyself Heal Thyself