Critical Thinking is Hard

There’s people out there that make sarcastic and belittling remarks by saying do you have a brain? But you know what, with everything we are bombarded with today, it’s hard to have a moment to ourselves to think about things.

I like to think in my own quiet space. I like to think in groups of other thinkers. However, it’s not easy to carve out time to think and teach myself with a 2 year old at home. I barely have time to read the books I love like Terry Pratchett’s Disc World or books written by my writing friends. But I want to read. I want to self teach. I want to work on something that hurts my brain but I keep going so I can finally understand a new perspective.

At the same time, I enjoy this part of my life. I enjoy the adventure and the networking. I may not be learning from books but I am learning so many new things about business and networking and working with a team.

It’s interesting that critical thinking and learning don’t come hand in hand. I am learning new things and learning new perspectives but it’s not in a deep and internal way. You’d think, thinking always came with learning. But truth be told, not much of what I’ve learned about business has shifted my perspective or moved me in any great way.

What has moved me, is the support I’ve gotten from those I love. It’s moved me to meet other people who want the same changes and who understand my vision.

So the point of all this is say, appreciate the time you have to think critically. Seek out subjects that steal your attention from social media. But don’t be so busy searching for a deep thought that you forget to appreciate what you have in front of you.

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