Use Your Writing to Grow

How can we change the world if we’re too busy worrying about what everyone is doing wrong? The key to success is monitoring ourselves. It’s not easy but it’s a valuable task.

Before I started writing, I’m gunna be honest, I was critical. or some might say, judgey. I felt like I was minding my own behaviors but I wasn’t very good at it. Once I started writing and going to workshops with other writers, it really helped shine a light on who I was and how I could be more mindful of those around me. I wasn’t some kind of narcissistic monster but I could have been more patient when it came to the expectations I placed on people, (mostly my friends).

I know that not everyone likes writing. I know that we all have our own things that pull us up to a higher level of thinking but as a writer, I’m bias. I think writing and all that comes with it, can change the world.

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