True Colors

I let my tongue hang
and wiggle symbols
I wear comfort in stilettos
and my heart on the doorknob
There’s no real wild
it’s just real human
expressed everyday
and in so many ways
I feel left out
I feel eager
I feel purpose and hope
I feel so many things
Why leave these pieces of me out
when I can be every single one of them

Saschia Johnson

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Creating Starts Out Messy

Amazing things don’t start out as a masterpiece. There’s just this chaos of thoughts with many different names that we as artists morph into one thing. We grab a bit here a bit there and create where we need to.

There’s many different reasons people decide to create things. Some people do it to heal. Some people do it solve a problem and some people create just for the sake of creating. I like to think, I dabble in all of those things. Which is why when I start, it’s chaos. There’s three different things that need to come out in one versatile medium. I have something to say, something to heal, and I have creativity inside me that needs to let out.

For me, Creating is a mosaic. It’s a collection of so many things. I want it all with one amazing idea to work with. Even if the idea seems simple enough, it takes the messy creativity to get to the simple idea.

So how do you get to what matters most?

Oh the Places I’d Go

If you asked me where I wanted to go this year,
I’d say to all the places I didn’t believe I could put in my planner.
I’d say let’s go to the hidden places and the popular places
as long as they’re both magical
I’d say the woods and lot’s of meals at my mama’s
There’s so many places I want to go
There’s so many things I want to do
but mostly I just want to be with you

Saschia Johnson

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Keep Searching

The return has deeper meaning
than words can say
search for the words anyway

The gratefulness you feel for someone’s kindness
can’t be expressed in a simple thank you
say thank you anyway

When you care about a person so much
there’s no words to describe it,
describe it anyway

What you can say at the end of all your
unspeakable days is that you tried your best
and what other better way to go than that?

Saschia Johnson