Metamorphoses II

Ode to Ovid One day, a king’s knightentered the woods.He fell upon the divine beautywho had invested herselfin the woodsman. “What are you doing livingin these woods?Where are your clothes?” He asked. Now, the fathers below heardthe knight’s words fall upon herand they begged Hades to blind herfrom his questioning. But Hades felt she hadContinue reading “Metamorphoses II”


Ode to Ovid The divine woman rose from the dustof her fallen father and grandfathers. Her naked body warmand beating with life;Her hair so long itbrushed the ground she walked on. She was gifted with blissfrom her fathers who beggedHades for her happiness. She wandered the woodsand fell upon a mana woodsman. He was skilledContinue reading “Metamorphoses”