Metamorphoses III

Ode to Ovid This is the third part to a three part series Read Part I here Read Part II here Part III Metamorphoses Her hair weaved with precious flowers,her skin glowing from bathing in the hidden waters.Her eyes set upon her woodsman.Her heart as pure as a heart could be;she walks toward the town.Continue reading “Metamorphoses III”

Metamorphoses II

Ode to Ovid This is the second part to a three part series Read Part I here Read Part III here One day, a king’s knightentered the woods.He fell upon the divine beautywho had invested herselfin the woodsman. “What are you doing livingin these woods?Where are your clothes?” He asked. Now, the fathers below heardtheContinue reading “Metamorphoses II”

I am Aphrodite, Farewell

The art flows free when I’m with Ares We tripped over the skulls of our enemies Sat on the piles of their riches stacked to the sky And I know, I don’t need Ares, or revenge, or riches to make art And I know he takes away my focus. Aphrodite is a healthier option TheContinue reading “I am Aphrodite, Farewell”

Gracie at the Siege of Troy

Gracie at the Siege of Troy By: Geoff Blanchett Upon the battered shores of Troy did Gracie arise from the lapping waves. As the armies of Agamemmnon charged the walls, Gracie followed in their wake, the marks of her claws in the sand the only trace of her path, her triangular head split wide inContinue reading “Gracie at the Siege of Troy”