Circles -A Collaboration

The world in all its glory still vacant The abyss below echoes back words I’d like to decipher     [will it ever be enough] Some days the echoes are all that matter and even though he’s my world these echoes are sticky like a magnetic night sky without a cloud for miles Where the comets andContinue reading “Circles -A Collaboration”

Somebody’s Name

Long square round faces Big eyes squinting ones dark ones with mysterious secrets Perky lips plump and pouty Big and juicy A world full of descriptions but what I really want to know is their names and where they’ve been and what they named their favorite freckle when they were ten but most of all howContinue reading “Somebody’s Name”

Passionate Seekers

Empty sex, soulless endeavors and failed attempts at trying to find ourselves somewhere buried beneath all the shit we were drowning in. He called me a bitch in front of the kid and I didn’t like that so I reached out and socked him right in the chin. “I don’t need this. Why am I evenContinue reading “Passionate Seekers”

not my business

is she black  no she’s ⊕ white   is she loved by any other than the one that’s love is pure ? it holds her down *it- a woman, not a companion Because companions required the stuff she didn’t have to give she buried them along with pure love in a grave   *it heldContinue reading “not my business”