Shoulders Back, Chin up

We all do things differently. There’s no one way to get to the finish line. There is suggestions on how to make the journey more enjoyable. There’s choices that could make it feel like you’re starting over but you’ll never start from the same place twice.

You may even get to a point in life where you have to rebuild. You may have to buy new materials but this time, you know what doesn’t work. And just because you’re starting over doesn’t mean you failed. The fact that you showed up for yourself, is sign that you’re doing better than you think.

On the flip side, trying something brand new, is hard. It’s scary and complex and can feel overwhelming. You might fail. You’re apt to make rookie mistakes because you’re a rookie and this is new but that doesn’t define who you are and it doesn’t define your future.

So whether you’re starting over or starting from scratch, be kind to yourself but most of all, forgive yourself for not knowing. Forgive yourself for knowing and not doing. Do better next time. But don’t quit.

Show Some Courage

Show Some Courage

Your readers are watching

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Be brave enough to do in your writing what you do in your imagination. Technique and skill are important but it’s also important to take your readers on the truest adventures inside your head. Be honest about who you are. The conflicting, raw, misfit you. Your work should make you blush sometimes.

Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.― Shannon L. Alder

Don’t place you imagination in a box to prioritize others exceptions. Show your courage, let your imagination run wild on the page. It’s one thing to edit for understanding and focus but you can do it in a way that lets your quirks live in your work. Who are you as a writer? Can we see that in your writing?

For me, I just want to be myself without fear when I write. I want to show up with my run-on sentences and internal dialogue that could drive a sane man to drink while bringing the thinkers home.

As writers, we are already courageous by choosing this career. Might as well be brave within ourselves too.

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Writing Like A Writer

We all do this writing thing different

That doesn’t matter

It’s not about how or when you write

it’s about doing it

it’s about continuing to do it

even when doing it no longer makes sense

There’s a silent commitment

between you and the words

and an image of you writing


And that’s it


Where Am I

I’ve reached a place in my life where I’m more full, more myself, and more humble than I’ve ever been. I feel so me. The self that loved with no expectations. The girl before her first heartbreak. It’s as if I’m getting a second chance at life and love and following my dreams. Life isn’t always so kind, so all I can do is hope it lasts and hope I can hang onto this as long as I can. Maybe life will be so kind, who knows? All I know, is I want to wake up, I want to sleep, and I get chills when I finally get to sit down and carve away at my craft. This is all so temporary, I had to write it down. I had leave proof. There is hope after allowing yourself to heal. There is life after an affair. Value isn’t lost because someone doesn’t appreciate it. And it’s ok to feel fuller and wiser and more yourself once you get through.

Yay me!

Hans Andersen Brindekilde

Hans Andersen Brindekilde

Worn Out or Udlsidt

Aka Working Class

This picture was created to celebrate 100 years since the French revolution. I find myself fascinated by his ability to capture these raw moments in life. This particular picture uses earth tones I think it suggests how close we are to returning to the earth. And how work tends to drive us there much quicker than we are prepared for. The way she holds him it seems as if he’s someone close to her heart. Oh, how I can relate to her emotions here.

I’m wondering your opinions.

Please Exist

There is a reason why you’re here

It’s to read this poem and to realize this poem’s existence would cease without you

It would be silent

A dead silence with the night air stuck in a place that never really existed

It would lack the chaos of us

Trees would fall into oblivion

I would fall into oblivion.

Without you,

there’d be no us

there’d be no poetry

You are the poetry


Dear Writer,

Your words give me something to live for. I have plenty to live for, but your words get me out of bed when the world is weighing so heavy nothing else matters. I truly wish the best for you and when the best finds you (if it hasn’t yet) I hope you don’t lose yourself in it. And that we can continue to learn and grow together. 🙂


I hope to memorize your stuff over time

For the first day of 2018

I was excited to receive The Liebster by  Matthew G from Grabba Blog. Thank you Matthew. I’m super grateful you thought of me. To be nominated by a writer who’s page is exciting, edgy, and unique is such an honor and a fun way to start 2018!!

liebster award roses

What is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award 2017 is an award that exists only on the internet and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.


Here’s a link to my all time favorite bloggers


Questions from Matthew G


What was the reason to start blogging?

I started blogging as a class project on ambition. It changed my life.

Where would you like to be in 3 years time from now on?

Writing movies, books, and with my family in a home full of love and gratitude.

The most shameful thing you ever did?

I accidentally snitched on my best friend at the time, over something so stupid. Haven’t done it before then and haven’t done it since.

List 3 things you would pick up for the desert island!

Well, unlimited food, water, and books. But if it can’t be unlimited the journaling bible, a pen, and a bottle of water

If given a choice, would you rather change humanity or yourself?

Myself because changing humanity is a lost cause. There’s more hope if I work on changing myself.

Types/traits of character you admire and hate most?

I admire characters with brash inappropriate honesty cleaned up with a little charm. And as for traits I dislike most, I’d say flat characters. I don’t hate or love them, they just slip into non existence.

When finding the perfect crush with obstacles, give up or fight and reason why?

Fight, but I do have pride in myself and I’m well aware there’s like a billion fishies in the sea. However, I’m married so I don’t really fight anymore. But if the occasion was to arise that I had to fight for my husband, I’d fight. Don’t confuse this with the idea that I don’t work on making my husband fall in love with me over and over. I put in work.

How would you use Death Note if given one?

I wouldn’t. I don’t wish death on anyone at this point in my life. And have you seen the one on Netflix?! No thanks. lol

Are you rather predator or prey?

I like to switch between the two.

Give me 2/3 thoughts about me based on my blog!

Matthew, You seem to be a creative and deep thinker.

Also, write down your addiction and explanation why you won’t stop it!

Eating sweets and I won’t stop because I can see myself on my death bed wishing I ate that cookie when I had the chance. Yes, this is really how my head works.


I nominate the blogs that have inspired my most since I’ve started Jayne.Press:

Notes From A Summer Of Discontent


Eyes Straight Ahead


Feral Rumination


Revolution From My Bed


Behcets And Borderline


Here’s your questions:

What two dead writers/poets would you have tea with?

Favorite thing to write with (type of pen, pencil, etc)

Top three movies you could watch on rotation for days

Craziest idea you gotten in the shower

One sentence that sums up your 2017

Just one annoyingly bad habit

Worst injury ever


Congratulations! Can’t wait to see your answers. It’s totally for fun so if you decide to opt out it won’t hurt my feelings. 😀 Here’s a link to the Official Rules and descriptions and more information.  We’re going to keep this going for the New Year. 🙂 so ignore the dates. It’s all in good fun.




Favorite Bloggers of all time

My all time favorite blogger is S.K. Nicholas at s.k.

He just amazes me with his brain and creativity. His blog has grown and evolved along with him and it’s quite entertaining to watch. He has yet to bore me. I always feel my review of his blog will never be good enough. So I just like to share his link and tell everyone I love it. He has written two books A Journal for Damned Lovers I & II. You should check them out and buy them when your funds are replenished, you know, from all the holiday shopping.


The first blogger I’ve ever read religiously and still do is Cristian Mihai. cristian

He writes inspirational blog posts, books, and shares his experiences on being a writer. I always learn something new from his posts. He is enlightening and inspiring and has improved my writing thought processes in so many ways. Sometimes I can even hear his advice in my head when I’m second guessing myself (which is quite often). He writes about real life content and uses his real life experiences to improve others artistry. None of that fluffy bullshit like “everything just magically landed in my lap.” He writes about the true struggles of being a writer. He has written a handful of books and I’m sure there are more to come. One of my favorites of his is Jazz. I couldn’t put it down. It’s about a writers journey including love, loss, and it’s great.


And last but not least I love Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha’s Musings . scifibuddha

He makes me think with every Musing post. And he’s really good at relating it all to writing and creating in general. He’s interesting, thought provoking, and always seems to keep me coming back for more. He wrote Echo volumes 1, 2, & 3. What I’ve read so far is action packed and quite entertaining.




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