My Last Love Letter

There you were Beneath my naked body stripped bare To the bone To the soul And still you stood Unwavering next to my shattered bones Next to my full and emptied womb You accepted my child so much so you cried to let her go You taught her to tie her shoes and taught meContinue reading “My Last Love Letter”

Stop Saying the L Word

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash I enjoy a good romance or a good cry from the loss of a character I’ve come to feel close to. I like delaying or sacrificing my own current desires for my daughters. I like spending time with those I feel most connected to. These are all descriptions of love. But I’dContinue reading “Stop Saying the L Word”

It Was Good

First thing today, is to figure out how he will love her. He loves her, that isn’t the question. But how would he show her? Yesterday, it was with a small note, I love you handwritten on it that hid underneath her tea cup. A teacup he picked out for her and filled with blackContinue reading “It Was Good”


Linens hang from me I stand to rebuild and restore what was lost The stench of death will stalk me These pains will ache and swell and ooze And after the burial has ended I will emerge naked, broken, and old one with the soil stuck to my palms Maybe I will master the artContinue reading “Linen”