Elevator Pitch Trials

Artist in search of mom is initiated by mentor and sent into what seems like an underground world full of adventure. And her husband gets to decide whether he’s up for the adventure or whether he’d rather stay in his soul crushing 9-5. This doesn’t do it for me. This doesn’t make me wanna readContinue reading “Elevator Pitch Trials”

I Got a Creative Spark Today

Great ideas that come up while you’re not expecting them are the greatest gift ever. As writers, we could be staring at a blank screen for hours one day and then the next day during our usual editing session an amazing idea pops in like a bolt of lightening. Let me tell you how itContinue reading “I Got a Creative Spark Today”

Novel Writing Discussion

I’m not sure why colored pens make me so delighted but they do. So I’m going through the second part of my book and adding in little details. Sometimes I wonder if adding those details right now is a waste of time but I ignore that voice knowing if I’m gunna have to scrap aContinue reading “Novel Writing Discussion”