Elevator Pitch Trials

Artist in search of mom is initiated by mentor and sent into what seems like an underground world full of adventure. And her husband gets to decide whether he’s up for the adventure or whether he’d rather stay in his soul crushing 9-5. This doesn’t do it for me. This doesn’t make me wanna readContinue reading “Elevator Pitch Trials”

Writing and My Peak Hours

Aright last post about tweaking my morning routine. I tried working on my novel right when I woke up in the morning but it was nothing special. Felt the same as working on it before bed. However, what was nice about working on it in the morning was that it’s one less thing to doContinue reading “Writing and My Peak Hours”

Little Adventures

Ok I played a game first thing when I woke up. No distractions. And it was pleasant. I think I’m gunna try and work on my story first thing in the morning. Right now I’m editing. Not too in depth but checking for continuity and for places that should be removed completely, burn and neverContinue reading “Little Adventures”

Underground Community Good or Bad?

I’m feeling lazy today. I was on mom duty, and I don’t like to start projects unless I know I’m going to be able to work on them without being interrupted. So I didn’t get much done. Fortunately, I have had time to think about my novel and the underground community that’s a big partContinue reading “Underground Community Good or Bad?”