Gratitude and Desire are Both Welcomed Here

The greatest thing I’ve learned so far this year, is that I can want more while I’m grateful for where I am. Those are two things I feel strongly about. In the past I always focused on wanting more. On setting goals and striving for them was in the forefront of my life. I wouldContinue reading “Gratitude and Desire are Both Welcomed Here”

Art and Consciousness

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash Consciousness is the ability to exchange a vast amount of ideas. These ideas can be externally or internally challenged. They are concepts that grow and change and bloom or fizzle away to allow new ones to take their place. In some instances, consciousness can separate the individual from things around them andContinue reading “Art and Consciousness”

“Art In My World”

Art is an exchange of ideas. Something I love about art is that its message can evolve and grow as the art is passed down from the creator. When I first began to write, I used to be offended when people misunderstood my work. Then, I came to realize that the evolution of thought isContinue reading ““Art In My World””

Your Art Expands Our Consciousness

According to Allen Combs a professor of Consciousness Studies, “[poet and cultural historian Jean] Gebser’s explorations of art and history [began] with a sudden recognition that art at the fin de siècle represented a new kind of consciousness, a new way of seeing and experiencing reality.” In Combs article he goes on to explain how art andContinue reading “Your Art Expands Our Consciousness”