There is nothing here this is a blank sheet that needs my creativity, only my well has run dry or my muse has gone on vacation. It’s in you, your life is an inspiration but my life is dull dull dull and all I want is to write write write: no bars or small talk, onlyContinue reading “Skirts”


Shrouded The air is thin here among the musk and dirt my body veiled in cloth. I’d prefer not to be. There’s a nakedness I crave that isn’t available to all. This nakedness, this madness is divinity hoarded with chocolates and tea. There’s incessant knocking knocking pounding and glass shattering I open my hands andContinue reading “Shrouded”

Baa Humbug

Can you just add the Baa to my humbug Lets stay in bed and cuddle under the covers dreaming up new dreams Let the ghosts come bring us back to childhood to remind us what we really need They’d agree it’s to write and that all these bells and tinsels are unnecessary I’d say letsContinue reading “Baa Humbug”