Life Sucks, But You Don’t

Life sucks, but in a beautiful kind of way.” — Axl Rose

Life can be a fucker. It can destroy everything you thought you had in an instant. It could take all your hard work and set it on fire leaving you standing there with tears in your eyes watching as it turns to ash.

Life doesn’t care about you. Life isn’t a being. You are a being. You are the one that feels what life takes from you. And you are the one that puts in the effort and hard work to create everything you’ve dreamed of.

And that’s what makes you great. The fact that you are aware of your effort and hard work. The fact that you feel so broken when your hard work goes up in flames and burns to ash right in front of your eyes, is the gift. Sometimes it’s hard work, sometimes it’s just life mowing you down to your last nerve. But you feel it.

That fact that you feel it means

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3 thoughts on “Life Sucks, But You Don’t

  1. Yup, life isn’t a being and the universe really is indifferent to anything that happens in this world. It’s up to us to find our own meaning in all of this. Loved this, and it’s great that you’re on Medium too. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I totally agree it’s up to us to find our own meaning. I’m glad you liked it

      Are you on medium?


      1. Yes I am, under the same name as @stuartdanker. Still trying to wrap my head around it. It’s great to have both WP and Medium accounts as they provide such vastly different pros and cons.

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