On Infidelity and Monsters

When would he realize that it wasn’t his infidelity I couldn’t bear, but his cowardice?― Tatiana de Rosnay, Sarah’s Key Infidelity is something I’m exploring right now. Since there’s different types, I’m referring to the type that involves an entire secret relationship. What hurts about it? The inability to face the betrayed partner? The sucker punch toContinue reading “On Infidelity and Monsters”

On Your Worst Days

Letters To Myself On your worst days you are a work of art because what makes you a masterpiece isn’t your perfection it’s your scars –Jayne.Press On your worst day, I’m going to be here building you up. I’m going to tell you you’re beautiful and smart and strong. It’s ok to be scared andContinue reading “On Your Worst Days”

What is Worth Fighting For?

There should only be a few things Photo by Jeff Kingma on Unsplash If you allow it too much to fall into your bucket of things worth fighting for you’re going to get off track from your true calling. It’s easy to end up fighting battles that aren’t yours to fight. For me, there are only three thingsContinue reading “What is Worth Fighting For?”

8 Ways To Fall Forward

1. Allow yourself to fall. Cry, scream, nap, do self care. 2. Get healthy. Healthy diet and exercise help with a healthy mind. 3. Talk it out. Find someone who is in a healthy place emotionally to talk it out. 4. Set goals to focus on for the next year. Not so focused they becomeContinue reading “8 Ways To Fall Forward”

Kiss Me

While the world wastes away on a monotonous routine step outside of it all and kiss me hard. Don’t kiss me hard only after everything is falling apart Kiss me hard when everything is going right There’s no point in waiting This is what life is: connections, honesty, bravery Show up, kiss me. It’s notContinue reading “Kiss Me”

Life Sucks, But You Don’t

Life sucks, but in a beautiful kind of way.” — Axl Rose Life can be a fucker. It can destroy everything you thought you had in an instant. It could take all your hard work and set it on fire leaving you standing there with tears in your eyes watching as it turns to ash.Continue reading “Life Sucks, But You Don’t”

The Feels

I have gone through my own rough times. I have pretended like I didn’t care about things till I truly didn’t care about them. I didn’t want to care anymore. I wanted my feelings to go away so I could just move forward in life and not be held down by them. I hurt myselfContinue reading “The Feels”

The Only Thing You Should Be Carrying

In life there’s going to be times when people look you in the eye and try their best to tear you apart. And they might succeed in that moment, but they lost the war to win this tiny insignificant battle. Read More…

So Now, Accept Yourself

You are tough You weren’t born that way You came out soft and squishy And full of fantasies And you tasted just like sugar Like melted sugar And rainbows shot from your eyes in the middle of a hurricane Then it started the dying You realized people did very bad things That people died forContinue reading “So Now, Accept Yourself”

Where Am I

I’ve reached a place in my life where I’m more full, more myself, and more humble than I’ve ever been. I feel so me. The self that loved with no expectations. The girl before her first heartbreak. It’s as if I’m getting a second chance at life and love and following my dreams. Life isn’tContinue reading “Where Am I”