So Now, Accept Yourself

You are tough You weren’t born that way You came out soft and squishy And full of fantasies And you tasted just like sugar Like melted sugar And rainbows shot from your eyes in the middle of a hurricane Then it started the dying You realized people did very bad things That people died forContinue reading “So Now, Accept Yourself”


Things divided Silverware blankets random living supplies But you can’t divide children Here’s your mail And your time But these humans we have to share We could be fair about it But let’s be honest Life’s not fair Values aren’t shared So this is yours And that is mine See you the next time weContinue reading “Separation”

Second Guessing

I made this decision To stick it out To see how things go And feel it out We all make mistakes Right Right?! Seventy x seven Right? My left side aches My bones quiver In anxiety in fear in excitement I am brave I am beautiful I am enough I am tired of being strongContinue reading “Second Guessing”