Prioritize Your Self Love

I just wanted to take the time to talk about it. Self-love, what is it? Self-love is making taking care of yourself a priority. It’s not hedonistic. It’s basic wellbeing. In our culture, taking care of yourself is a luxury (especially right now with these gas prices). Even growing up in the church, they leanedContinue reading “Prioritize Your Self Love”

I’m not always able to work at full capacity. It’s important for me to be honest with myself about that. I am a social entrepreneur because I consistently show up. Not because I’m good at it, not because I can raise millions of dollars over night or that I have some outrageous following. I’m aContinue reading

Hang On

Don’t be the thing you let go of for success. The key to success is to hang onto all of you as if your life depended on it. The things that bring you joy. The places that put a smile on your face. The scent that whisks you away from all your troubles. These areContinue reading “Hang On”


With the holidays coming, I wanted to talk about my favorite ways to decompress when you’re overstimulated. Here’s a list of things I do to relax but not all at the same time. First and number one way is a variety hot waters TeaBath (I dip my head under water it’s amazing.)Shower Hot tubSauna VideosContinue reading “Overstimulated?”

On Your Worst Days

Letters To Myself On your worst days you are a work of art because what makes you a masterpiece isn’t your perfection it’s your scars –Jayne.Press On your worst day, I’m going to be here building you up. I’m going to tell you you’re beautiful and smart and strong. It’s ok to be scared andContinue reading “On Your Worst Days”

Co Dependency Cheat Sheet

I have copy and pasted some different viewpoints on Codependency. Codependency looks normal in a society that sweeps mental health under the carpet. Makes me want to print this out and tape it to my wall for when I feel a bout of reactivity taking over my brain space. Accodring to Wikipedia, “Codependency is aContinue reading “Co Dependency Cheat Sheet”

8 Ways To Fall Forward

1. Allow yourself to fall. Cry, scream, nap, do self care. 2. Get healthy. Healthy diet and exercise help with a healthy mind. 3. Talk it out. Find someone who is in a healthy place emotionally to talk it out. 4. Set goals to focus on for the next year. Not so focused they becomeContinue reading “8 Ways To Fall Forward”

The Feels

I have gone through my own rough times. I have pretended like I didn’t care about things till I truly didn’t care about them. I didn’t want to care anymore. I wanted my feelings to go away so I could just move forward in life and not be held down by them. I hurt myselfContinue reading “The Feels”

Just a Note On My Writing

This past month, I have been taking time to recall my past year. It’s been tough to feel like I’m putting myself through the past again, but in September, while I was going through a rough patch, I found myself diving headfirst into a lot of pieces I wrote over the years. Hearing how IContinue reading “Just a Note On My Writing”

Blueprints From Heaven

She gathered the love notes the sporadic ones the demanded ones she gathered her books her sorrows and her understandings and she left She began to build her ark the blueprint laid out from above she stacked her self-love and internal conversations she’s had with heavenly hosts layer by layer This will help her bareContinue reading “Blueprints From Heaven”