On Your Worst Days

Letters To Myself On your worst days you are a work of art because what makes you a masterpiece isn’t your perfection it’s your scars –Jayne.Press On your worst day, I’m going to be here building you up. I’m going to tell you you’re beautiful and smart and strong. It’s ok to be scared andContinue reading “On Your Worst Days”

8 Ways To Fall Forward

1. Allow yourself to fall. Cry, scream, nap, do self care. 2. Get healthy. Healthy diet and exercise help with a healthy mind. 3. Talk it out. Find someone who is in a healthy place emotionally to talk it out. 4. Set goals to focus on for the next year. Not so focused they becomeContinue reading “8 Ways To Fall Forward”

The Only Thing You Should Be Carrying

In life there’s going to be times when people look you in the eye and try their best to tear you apart. And they might succeed in that moment, but they lost the war to win this tiny insignificant battle. Read More…

Blueprints From Heaven

She gathered the love notes the sporadic ones the demanded ones she gathered her books her sorrows and her understandings and she left She began to build her ark the blueprint laid out from above she stacked her self-love and internal conversations she’s had with heavenly hosts layer by layer This will help her bareContinue reading “Blueprints From Heaven”

The ways to fight

The many ways women fight oppression     Not shaving Breaking men’s hearts Ridding themselves of all things beauty Working their asses off to prove they can do what men can Staying home and doing what they love Embracing all things beauty being confident in their body Learning self defense Creating a workplace the supportsContinue reading “The ways to fight”