A Whole Woman

She is a combination of everything she’s always wanted to be. She left limits for roadways and labels for truffles. She embodies a collection of all the mothers who raised her and all the fathers who tried their best. She’s a voice in the wilderness and a high tide. The storm is nestled in herContinue reading “A Whole Woman”

~*Energy Drinks*~

I take a sip and my vision comes clear My thoughts come from behind my skull and hallucinations would plague me if they weren’t the object of my reseach Sleep after a glass of relaxation my feminine eyes narrow and disperse into the horizon where wind meets the lips of God And when the canContinue reading “~*Energy Drinks*~”

The ways to fight

The many ways women fight oppression     Not shaving Breaking men’s hearts Ridding themselves of all things beauty Working their asses off to prove they can do what men can Staying home and doing what they love Embracing all things beauty being confident in their body Learning self defense Creating a workplace the supportsContinue reading “The ways to fight”