He Is

He is something I want to myself

He is real and innocent

He reminds me of Christmas morning

The moment you unwrap the only toy you asked for

Or that burst of energy you’ve been waiting for since noon

He’s a tight squeeze on a rough day

And just the words you need to hear on good day

He is me

And I am him

A collection of all the things that brought us together



He slapped it to my bones

My freedom a loose skin

Crumpled on the floor

These crevices are soothed by words

There’s no way around it

Babble incoherence

dum dum dums

Drummed on my tattered soul

Divine notes stuck to my bones

Causing a chatter

A dance

an opening

I slow, releasing a slice of heaven

Soul sounds


lower, lower, lowered

Here I am alive and ready to breathe



The distractions are monstrous

the drive to replace the mask of positivity

and the plague of territorial jealousy

like a jack in the box I never wound

but I love when it rains

and I love when you show your true face

the rugged one

the one you’ve hidden in your arm pit

insisting it be swiped with deodorant

the stink you wish only to release on your death bed

that is the one I wish to see

that is where love lies

-Saschia Johnson


Rainy Days