I’m Here

It was dark when we met

Chin tipped swallowing air

My feelings for you were proof that

I still existed

Even in hell

eyes glazed over

I listened as an escape

I showed up as an escape

And then one day

you were just there

Without a flinch


I crawled out


you poked and prodded

You pulled me in

And pushed me out

And that’s it

Now I’m here


Emotionally Absent

It’s like

Shouting into the wind

I shared and I shared

And I yelled and I screamed

Not even an echo returned

Just breath

Not even silence

And I noticed the other day

How you gave me a hint

Just a tiny peak inside your mind

All for a fuck

You knew my weakness

I’m learning though.

I see now

how you’ve made it so far

Without being present


He Is

He is something I want to myself

He is real and innocent

He reminds me of Christmas morning

The moment you unwrap the only toy you asked for

Or that burst of energy you’ve been waiting for since noon

He’s a tight squeeze on a rough day

And just the words you need to hear on good day

He is me

And I am him

A collection of all the things that brought us together