My Silly Little Dream

I don’t know what it is, but I want to own a community laundromat pretty bad. I gained the dream and it never went away. It lingers around and pops up from time to time. What drove it home was this post below from Wild Women Sisterhood. I think it was Brene Brown who toldContinue reading “My Silly Little Dream”

What is Worth Fighting For?

There should only be a few things Photo by Jeff Kingma on Unsplash If you allow it too much to fall into your bucket of things worth fighting for you’re going to get off track from your true calling. It’s easy to end up fighting battles that aren’t yours to fight. For me, there are only three thingsContinue reading “What is Worth Fighting For?”


Butterflies are set free from her mouth, the way none-sense usually is. You see, she’s the type to speak before she thinks, a quality others admire most about her. Thousands of butterflies escaped and filled the room. Her mouth hung open. Not word bounced off the walls, only thoughts and butterflies. -Saschia    Check MeContinue reading “Butterflies”

Stitched Together

From time to time I think of you From minute to minute you cross my mind From hour to hour I’m lost in our fantasies If I stopped I might lose you So I leave myself little reminders Moons and doors and stars as big as your eyes The truth is I don’t need remindersContinue reading “Stitched Together”


I crossed the threshold. It took some time. I paced the door looked in the key hole I even tested the handle then finally, I crossed the threshold only to find another hall full of a hundred more wonky doors This is a nice hall I hall worth resting in I’ll test some more doorsContinue reading “Threshold”