Hans Andersen Brindekilde

Hans Andersen Brindekilde

Worn Out or Udlsidt

Aka Working Class

This picture was created to celebrate 100 years since the French revolution. I find myself fascinated by his ability to capture these raw moments in life. This particular picture uses earth tones I think it suggests how close we are to returning to the earth. And how work tends to drive us there much quicker than we are prepared for. The way she holds him it seems as if he’s someone close to her heart. Oh, how I can relate to her emotions here.

I’m wondering your opinions.


He slapped it to my bones

My freedom a loose skin

Crumpled on the floor

These crevices are soothed by words

There’s no way around it

Babble incoherence

dum dum dums

Drummed on my tattered soul

Divine notes stuck to my bones

Causing a chatter

A dance

an opening

I slow, releasing a slice of heaven

Soul sounds


lower, lower, lowered

Here I am alive and ready to breathe