Too much snow

There’s too much snow It’s to my knees and everything I need is hidden below I have to plant seeds, side the house and these gutters won’t clean themselves My days are spent salting and shoveling. Cringing from the snow that fell in my boot I liked it in the beginning I liked it duringContinue reading “Too much snow”

Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath The tub is full and the bubbles bobble on top My legs have adjusted but when the rest of me sinks in it burns. In the tub, I’m a lost soul venturing from the heavens to a five star hotel It is there I’m considered a holy whore with no divine gifts My wordsContinue reading “Bubble Bath”


The words to save me are trapped inside my lungs. Yes, I have them, but my lack of intellect has shoved them into place. It’s not the intellect itself that I lack it’s the motivation to use it. Words words words they’re art. They’ve got meaning even without intellect. See. Who needs to think. -SaschiaContinue reading “Intellect”

Photography- Morality Project

Photography/Editing: James Futrell Hair: Melissa Payne Makeup/Creative Director: Saschia Johnson Models: Tessa Dipallina and Christine Talamayan   . Wanna read more? Here’s another great piece from our Morality Collection by Geoff Blanchette  

Travel Ideas

So if you don’t know this yet I’m a huge Roald Dahl Fan. (I mostly love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.) While reading ” Story Teller: The Authorized Biography of Roald Dahl” I found that he has a museum in the UK! Visiting the Roald Dahl museum is officially on my bucket list. It’s locatedContinue reading “Travel Ideas”

Creative Process

The creative process to me is the most important act. I feel it’s important to demand respect in my creative process. Of course, this process isn’t a thing that’s visible to all. And that’s because it is created in my own mind, so it’s not expected to be understood by anyone else. We have secrets,Continue reading “Creative Process”

From: Your Muse

I’d show up if you wrote more for me I’d lay it all out for you if you took five minutes out of your day to write me something pretty There is nothing else expected but your words flowing in their own natural beauty and your thoughts the root of it all. Sprinkle them withContinue reading “From: Your Muse”