How Did You Die?

For the Conscious Writer What you’re willing to die for, should be the same as what you’re willing to live for. Death is inevitable. Not in a depressing way but we all know it’s coming. What’s unknown, though? Your greatness? The impact your writing will have? How much you will change with your mere existence?Continue reading “How Did You Die?”

Be Both Scared and Courageous

Be Both Scared and Courageous  Because I believe you can.   Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash I’m scared of a lot of things. I’m afraid of being wrong and bringing people down with me. I’m afraid of starting over, I’m afraid that making money off my writing is going to turn me into an egotistical asshole. I’mContinue reading “Be Both Scared and Courageous”

She’s Dead

I’ve softened from the wheel of time My heart, swollen from loss From love These tipped toes move through the crevice where my suicide mocks me And life burns my loose ends I have become the voice I died for Her crown tossed to the floor Neglected by my attention What is the reason forContinue reading “She’s Dead”