Road Trip Check in

We made it safe to our hotel pretty late. It’s windy out here in Austin! The wind was treating the trucks on our route like rag dolls. Lot’s of trucks were on the side rode and we even seen a couple trucks regain control after battling the wind on the road in front of us.Continue reading “Road Trip Check in”

St Augustine on Friendship

St Augustine’s Teaching The joy of friendship is beautifully described in this quote: In my friends I found pleasures, which captivated my mind: shared talk, shared laughter, mutual acts of kindness, the shared reading of good literature, of moments of levity and seriousness; occasional disagreements that were without ill-feeling, as a man can disagree withContinue reading “St Augustine on Friendship”

Abrupt Endings

How do you know when you’re finished with your story? I always cut mine short. I tend to rush through the endings and not take my time the same way I do when I start. Sometimes I think I just wanna be finished. Sometimes I just feel like it’s a good place to end. ThingsContinue reading “Abrupt Endings”

Your Why Your Reason

Remind yourself of the things you love. Review your reasons why when life seems to be dragging you around. I found my peace in rest and staying focused on my why the last couple days. Before that, life’s been giving me whirlwind weeks. Those weeks it’s easy to wanna throw in the towel. It’s easyContinue reading “Your Why Your Reason”

Write Myself Free

I don’t wanna write myself into a hole. I wanna write myself free. I wanna write myself into the place that makes me better than I was yesterday. If I could I’d write a million dollars into my bank account. If I could I’d write my family and friends safe and healthy lives. I’d writeContinue reading “Write Myself Free”


I’m learning to have a more stable home life. Our home life is generally pretty stable. We aren’t a perfect family but we’ve been blessed to be able to stay home with our two year old. But let’s talk about unstable homes and housing insecurity. Housing insecurity will really have you coming out of yourContinue reading “Expanding”

Trouble Getting Motivated

I poured a lot of my energy into the beginning of my day so now I’m rushing about getting my daily writing goals done. But I did share an old piece that was originally published on Know Thyself Heal Thyself. I got a couple pennies for this one. Check it out. I had fun writingContinue reading “Trouble Getting Motivated”

Did You Answer the Call?

A post inspired by Joseph Campbell’s Hero Journey The Call to Adventure sets the story rolling by disrupting the comfort of the Hero’s Ordinary World, presenting a challenge or quest that must be undertaken. -Christopher Vogler from Excerpts from Myth and the Movies, Stuart Voytilla Discomfort is the sign of an awaiting opportunity. You said, yes.Continue reading “Did You Answer the Call?”

Blogging Daily

I’m feeling depleted tonight. I had a great day though! I just really struggle with blogging daily. Maybe someday this will get easier but for now, it’s quite the challenge. When I feel like this, I like to remind myself why I blog. I blog daily because I sleep better and my days go betterContinue reading “Blogging Daily”

Writing and My Peak Hours

Aright last post about tweaking my morning routine. I tried working on my novel right when I woke up in the morning but it was nothing special. Felt the same as working on it before bed. However, what was nice about working on it in the morning was that it’s one less thing to doContinue reading “Writing and My Peak Hours”