Kiss Me

While the world wastes away on a monotonous routine step outside of it all and kiss me hard. Don’t kiss me hard only after everything is falling apart Kiss me hard when everything is going right There’s no point in waiting This is what life is: connections, honesty, bravery Show up, kiss me. It’s notContinue reading “Kiss Me”

Not Your Wife III

He wants her her long black hair and brown eyes Her propped up tits pushed together like cuddling lovers He wants all of her Not one ounce of her soul though She can keep that locked up with the bats Far away from his la dee dah soul La dee dah cuz he lost itContinue reading “Not Your Wife III”

I am Aphrodite, Farewell

The art flows free when I’m with Ares We tripped over the skulls of our enemies Sat on the piles of their riches stacked to the sky And I know, I don’t need Ares, or revenge, or riches to make art And I know he takes away my focus. Aphrodite is a healthier option TheContinue reading “I am Aphrodite, Farewell”