Rest Will Come


Jayne.Press·2 days ago

Dignity is to dream without ceasing

Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

She wiggles her toes
and reaches toward the heavens
it’s not so far, she heard in a song
the heavens, that is. It is
much closer than we think. At least
that’s what they tell us.

is it hope that I cling to
while I wrestle with his faith
faith in me faith in God — faith
a silent thing that pulses with
confirmation when you let it come

Is it dignity to release hope?

Is it dignity to release faith?

No, a stern no.

It is dignity to clutch on
even when there is so much left to lose.

Saschia Johnson

Photo by Brian Mann on Unsplash


Here I sit with not one fake mother fucker in my face.

I’ll humbly admit that there are some days I shift.

I’ll suggest something I don’t agree with

and when I become conscious of my falseness,

I retract it as quickly as I can.

It’s just much easier

to be elsewhere in my mind

and follow suit with my mouth.

Being aware of me at all times

is quite a bit of work.

I assume it is for most day dreamers.


-Saschia Johnson