I’m just here for the chocolate and you I do enjoy a good truffle Or a gummy bear with the perfect texture But you I’ve never tasted anything like you I’ve had gummies and chocolates Chocolate covered gummies Nothing like you though Then there’s the whole thing where Too much candy gives me a bellyContinue reading “Cravings”

Set Her Free

She’s spun up like cotton candy Once you get a taste It’s never enough She goes round and round Emotion to emotion Skipping stones There’s heart in her A life so loud it’d clap your ear drums A taste so sweet it makes your head ache A wild soul A wandering woman Begging to beContinue reading “Set Her Free”

Will write for candy

To find something to say everyday to find beauty in a fabric covored chair or a one sided conversation on giving directions held by strangers My wedding ring has burned my ring finger and left a line of blisters but I keep wearing it because it’s pretty and pink metaphorically that could mean something MyContinue reading “Will write for candy”

Nova’s Tenth Birthday

I walk in after speeding to get my daughter’s cake which was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen since Willy Wonka, and notice the tables aren’t ready. The plates are still in plastic wrap and so are the table clothes. Panic struck me like a piano falling from a third floor apartment. I hate dishingContinue reading “Nova’s Tenth Birthday”