Matters Of Love

The gates of her garden are left open to wanderers They say she’s too friendly and she shouldn’t be so trusting that matters of love are a waste of time But that isn’t her The roses died and bloomed and dried out They’ve been over watered, pruned too early, and forgotten, But come spring theyContinue reading “Matters Of Love”

Farm Land

A farm land churned and over cropped Fruits of labor plucked year to year I have no regrets I’ve fed and nurtured new life I’ve cradled vulnerable seedlings not yet ready for the rays of light that brighten and burn Tucked away silent inside warm dark loved A symbolic womb with a pulse pulse pulseContinue reading “Farm Land”

Painting Nature

Gold paint was left unopened beneath the microwave Butter knife around the edges to release the magic What shall I paint? To My dismay the purple roses I planted for my grandmother have turned pink do they no longer honor her Will they bloom again this spring? Passed the roses are dandelions passed the dandelionsContinue reading “Painting Nature”

Nova’s Tenth Birthday

I walk in after speeding to get my daughter’s cake which was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen since Willy Wonka, and notice the tables aren’t ready. The plates are still in plastic wrap and so are the table clothes. Panic struck me like a piano falling from a third floor apartment. I hate dishingContinue reading “Nova’s Tenth Birthday”

Too much snow

There’s too much snow It’s to my knees and everything I need is hidden below I have to plant seeds, side the house and these gutters won’t clean themselves My days are spent salting and shoveling. Cringing from the snow that fell in my boot I liked it in the beginning I liked it duringContinue reading “Too much snow”