Paul Gauguin On Solitude

  Paul Gauguin was a painter who was praised as the leader of the symbolist artists in 1891. This style of painting was inspired by the symbolist writers of the time. In a letter to symbolist poet, critic, and editor of litarary journals Charles Morice, Gauguin says, …[ There are] two kinds of beauty: oneContinue reading “Paul Gauguin On Solitude”

Farm Land

A farm land churned and over cropped Fruits of labor plucked year to year I have no regrets I’ve fed and nurtured new life I’ve cradled vulnerable seedlings not yet ready for the rays of light that brighten and burn Tucked away silent inside warm dark loved A symbolic womb with a pulse pulse pulseContinue reading “Farm Land”

Symbols- revisited

She asks for symbols while I doodle stars and hearts in blue ink across the top of a blank page   Maybe I don’t get it, Professor Maybe I never will   I’m on to circles and squares Images of old Egyptian pillars appear containing hieroglyphs with no meaning   Evoke the imagination She voicesContinue reading “Symbols- revisited”