This is Who

I watched her rise above I watched her question who she really was And demand who she would become She didn’t sit still for a moment longer She pushed through and persevered And now her home is quiet And still She worked for this peace She stepped out and stood tall And worked til herContinue reading “This is Who”

Will Write For Tomorrow

Light in the distance A globe or maybe an orb It flits around the corners of my heart Dashes against the edges of my mind I look and touch and smell What it may be like I want things a way Smooth oiled machines But life isn’t so oiled It’s jagged and rough There areContinue reading “Will Write For Tomorrow”


The road winds in a manner that seems as if I keep walking in circles but there are very subtle differences differences only a curious person would notice like the flowers are a different shade of blue or the bugs are crawling on their backs rather than their bellies Makers of art wander on andContinue reading “Artists”