Dear Writers, Keep the Faith

“Faith is a knowledge within…”   Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof. — Khalil Gibran We are left here alone to create, to edit, to choose the choices our characters decide to take. Someone has to trust in us. Someone has to believe we are going toContinue reading “Dear Writers, Keep the Faith”

Greatest Place On Earth

Welcome to the greatest place on earth where dreams make you come alive as they twinkle right before your eyes welcome to the place where anything is possible the secrets here rarely spoken out loud kisses are exchanged promises are made and Judas is welcomed cuz he’s in everyone but here’s the catch, as aboveContinue reading “Greatest Place On Earth”

Stitched Together

From time to time I think of you From minute to minute you cross my mind From hour to hour I’m lost in our fantasies If I stopped I might lose you So I leave myself little reminders Moons and doors and stars as big as your eyes The truth is I don’t need remindersContinue reading “Stitched Together”


I crossed the threshold. It took some time. I paced the door looked in the key hole I even tested the handle then finally, I crossed the threshold only to find another hall full of a hundred more wonky doors This is a nice hall I hall worth resting in I’ll test some more doorsContinue reading “Threshold”

Little purple person

Who are you when you’re not looking, when that sweat is dripping from your brow When your feet are up on the couch. Can you define yourself? Not your hobbies or your top responsibilities, but who you are, those spaces,  between your out-right  maddening choices? “I’m a little purple person,” it whispered in my ear. “IContinue reading “Little purple person”