Propped upright

Upright because I can breath no other way Propped like a doll in a pillow shop placed snug between designer pillows Except I’m no designer item Just a prop A comfort a symbol of home I am home between the pillows not because of the pillows I’m home because the stuff inside me the stuffContinue reading “Propped upright”

Farm Land

A farm land churned and over cropped Fruits of labor plucked year to year I have no regrets I’ve fed and nurtured new life I’ve cradled vulnerable seedlings not yet ready for the rays of light that brighten and burn Tucked away silent inside warm dark loved A symbolic womb with a pulse pulse pulseContinue reading “Farm Land”

Two Baby Girls

She dances while I sleep And hiccups while I binge watch Netflix She’s a part of me One with me Her sister is my closest friend and family. She lights up my life with her smile and makes me feel at home with her presence Two baby girls to hug and love to sing andContinue reading “Two Baby Girls”