Encouragement for the Lost

For the Conscious Writer One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Friedrich Nietzsche There are going to be times of feeling completely lost. Like you’re in a room without even a sliver of light. Or that moment when the lights go dim and our eyesContinue reading “Encouragement for the Lost”

Use Honesty as a Tool

Use Honesty as a Tool In Your Writing Photo by Nick Moore on Unsplash Being an honest writer is about leading to the truth or at times, allowing yourself to be lead to the truth. Being an honest writer isn’t telling all the dirt about your character right off the bat or at all for that matter. It’sContinue reading “Use Honesty as a Tool”

Stitched Together

From time to time I think of you From minute to minute you cross my mind From hour to hour I’m lost in our fantasies If I stopped I might lose you So I leave myself little reminders Moons and doors and stars as big as your eyes The truth is I don’t need remindersContinue reading “Stitched Together”

Extracting Ideas From The Inside

This is literally what a thought looks inside the brain. But when we think, this is not what we see. Today I’d like to discuss how we get our thoughts from conception into a place where we can mold them into a story. Getting ideas from pure thought onto paper can be a complicated thing. ButContinue reading “Extracting Ideas From The Inside”

Where Do Creations Come From?

Where do creations come from? The creative process is my favorite tidbit when it comes to finding out what goes on behind the scenes in any creative endeavor. So I’ve decided to research and share my thoughts on the creative process. For the sake of clarity…Read more @SaschiaJohnson.com  

Symbols- revisited

She asks for symbols while I doodle stars and hearts in blue ink across the top of a blank page   Maybe I don’t get it, Professor Maybe I never will   I’m on to circles and squares Images of old Egyptian pillars appear containing hieroglyphs with no meaning   Evoke the imagination She voicesContinue reading “Symbols- revisited”