Farm Land

A farm land churned and over cropped Fruits of labor plucked year to year I have no regrets I’ve fed and nurtured new life I’ve cradled vulnerable seedlings not yet ready for the rays of light that brighten and burn Tucked away silent inside warm dark loved A symbolic womb with a pulse pulse pulseContinue reading “Farm Land”

Painting Nature

Gold paint was left unopened beneath the microwave Butter knife around the edges to release the magic What shall I paint? To My dismay the purple roses I planted for my grandmother have turned pink do they no longer honor her Will they bloom again this spring? Passed the roses are dandelions passed the dandelionsContinue reading “Painting Nature”

Forest Baby

Branches slap her skin She runs through the place Like it’s her own She’s lost but she just keeps going Webs tickle her nose And a thousand baby spiders crawl under her clothes She’s a forest baby This is her home -Saschia Johnson   Been working on editing my collection of poetry and figuring outContinue reading “Forest Baby”

Love Song

  I admire his persistence and oh, how his howling soothes like the thumping inside her womb those vibrating drums birthed from her mouth I admire his persistence how her beats stretch across his howl The night twinkles bare, bare, bare, with dull blood Dance in her womb, crawl on your knees, eyes shut A mightyContinue reading “Love Song”

The Neighbors Cat

It’s a calico and stalks our yard with spiritual confidence Sometimes I lift the curtain to get a better view It freezes we eye each other And it’s quite entertaining Especially when I should be writing When it tires of our connection It disappears behind the bush that divides us. Tomorrow we may do the sameContinue reading “The Neighbors Cat”