Returned Energy

I finally feel the energy I’ve craved I feel this tingle in my toes Ready to go go go I want to reach goals I want to give hope I feel my strength returning It gives me the courage to lose To fail I’ve burned my backpack full of grief And pushed life out ofContinue reading “Returned Energy”

A Precious Thing

I rush to get my work done Less thought takes less energy Which sends me off to bed early I could spend the day contemplating The balance between Plato’s and Nietzsche’s opinions of “the good life” But the amount of energy it takes to develop that opinion is far too great It’d be smushed betweenContinue reading “A Precious Thing”

Cookies with a Side of Fitness

Sitting here outside the gym eating Milanos. I might finish the bag before I finish this piece. It’s the double dark chocolate flavor. There’s a lesson to be learned here. But I’m sure I already know it. The class starts in ten. There’s two cookies left and I should stop eating them but I probablyContinue reading “Cookies with a Side of Fitness”