Just Show Up

For the Conscious Writer How do they do it? Writers, actors, painters? How do they create so many works of art? They show up. There are days when they are inside out and upside down but they show up. Not 100 percent bright eyed and bushy tailed. Not with motivation. They show up for theirContinue reading “Just Show Up”

Rest Rest Rest

For the Conscious Writer The work is always going to be there, you will not. It’s so easy in today’s world to get caught up in the over ambitious lifestyle. Work work work till you drop. I think discipline and hard work are both important things but not to the point that they become oppressive.Continue reading “Rest Rest Rest”

For the Conscious Writer

A Collection of Thoughts for Writers on a Journey This will be a collection of lessons I’ve learned on the way. They were initially written for my past self but I need to hear them now too. The point of these writings are for encouragement and guidance to those who write for the purpose ofContinue reading “For the Conscious Writer”

Hanging On?

It’s time to let go. “Attachment constrains our vision so that we are not able to see things from a wider perspective.” Dalai Lama As a conscious writer, it’s important to be able to let a story go. It starts during creation, even though you shouldn’t think too much about what to get rid of whileContinue reading “Hanging On?”

Encouragement for the Lost

For the Conscious Writer One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Friedrich Nietzsche There are going to be times of feeling completely lost. Like you’re in a room without even a sliver of light. Or that moment when the lights go dim and our eyesContinue reading “Encouragement for the Lost”

Meditation, Protection, Transformation

For the conscious writer 3 things you need in your daily writing ritual Meditation, Protection, and Transformation are the three things you need in your locker as a conscious writer. Without these things, you can still move forward but not efficiently and there will be more setbacks than need be. Here’s some reasons why: A.WithoutContinue reading “Meditation, Protection, Transformation”

Stepping Out of Your Story and Embracing the Powerlessness of Someone Else’s

For the Conscious Writer The great thing about writing you’re own stories is that we have a good idea about what is going to happen. What can be interesting is when we have to leave our stories and gain that sense of powerlessness when we enter into someone else’s story There’s two aspects to this,Continue reading “Stepping Out of Your Story and Embracing the Powerlessness of Someone Else’s”

Right Now is Important

For the Conscious Writer “The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.” — Abraham Maslow We get wrapped up. At least I do. The story eats away at me. I forget what it feels like to just be in reality for a few hours. I obsess my charactersContinue reading “Right Now is Important”

Get Out Into the Storm

For the Conscious Writer You know those snow storms when it’s freezing cold and there’s so much snow it’s literally coming out of your ears. Yes, those. Ok so now let’s say you’re finally dry and warm again all snuggied up in your car. Then you pull into your driveway, and all you’ve wanted isContinue reading “Get Out Into the Storm”