Meditation, Protection, Transformation

For the conscious writer

3 things you need in your daily writing ritual

Meditation, Protection, and Transformation are the three things you need in your locker as a conscious writer. Without these things, you can still move forward but not efficiently and there will be more setbacks than need be. Here’s some reasons why:

A.Without meditation, you can’t quiet your busy mind. There are to-do lists and things you want and need and there are a million things and people tugging at your heart. It gets messy

B.Without protection you spread yourself so thin you can’t think and the chatter gets so pushy it becomes the boss of you. You lose sleep, you lose focus and you fall away from your purpose faster than you can say Scarab Beetle.

C.Without Transformation, there’s no growth. You sit around like a stagnant worm inching around the same things over and over again without positive results. Life loses its meaning. You miss out on opportunities and your mind becomes rigid and stuck on ideas that no longer serve you or those around you.

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When it comes to being a conscious writer, these are all things that will hold you back from forward movement. We want great stories to hand down and pass around the world. A way clasp hands with those willing to listen. We want to move forward so we can be closer to our purpose and our life goals. So toss these three things in your daily writing rituals and you’ll be sure to see forward movement.


Let’s start with Meditation. I spoke on mediation before. This is such a helpful tool and it’s the in thing these days. There are tons of resources to help you learn to meditate. Once you find one that suits you it will engage your imagination, give you solitude, and it quiets the chatter. Those are just a few reasons meditation will benefit your writing.

When you meditate, you let go of all your thoughts and you allow new ones to flow in and out. The new thoughts can be keys to what’s missing in your story. They could also bring new story ideas or help you let go of an idea in your story that you’ve been clinging on to. And what’s better than a moment of peace in this busy world.

I meditate in the bath. I close my eyes and sink right under the water. I haven’t always meditated that way but recently that has been the most helpful way. I don’t really like getting my hair wet before bed, but I do like having a good writing session before bed, so it’s worth the sacrifice for me.

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Protect your space. As conscious writers, we come with a boatload of empathy which means we know when someone needs our help but we have to say no sometimes. When it comes to your commitment to writing at a certain time or a certain season you have to protect your space. It is absolutely mind-numbing how quickly my writing space disappears when I don’t respect and protect it. And it’s so so easy for me to just slip up one day and let it snowball into shorter and shorter writing sessions. This writing thing is a commitment. It’s ok to take shift your routine or have emergencies but remember that this space is absolutely worthy of your protection.

Protecting this space doesn’t only mean protect the time you write but also protect your ability to put forth your best effort. If you can’t figure out how to use the distraction to improve your writing it has got to go. People, things, movies, blogs, whatever. If it isn’t improving you or your writing, it doesn’t belong in this space.

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Now, this is something we must allow to happen to us. It’s not exactly something you chase. It’s something you allow to happen to you when you work daily toward a goal. You can’t time it. You can’t plan it. You can’t predict anything about it. It happens and you just gotta let it happen.

You allow yourself to transform by allowing yourself to not like the same things anymore. To allow yourself to be wrong or better yet to realize how long you’ve actually been right. You step up more. You shut up more. There are so many internal shifts that connect to so many different things. Let yourself transform by letting go and accepting the person you are becoming, even if that person isn’t someone you ever thought you were going to be.

And there you have it, three things you need in your daily writing ritual. Do you already apply these things? Why? How are they working for you?

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There’s your right and your wrong

there’s your ceiling and your floor

But my right is not your right

and your lies are absolutely my wrong

There’s a path I chose to take

it was dark and winding

it was lonely

the type of lonely I wish on no one

but I persevered

and I came back

with new thoughts and new ideas

and a refusal to be part of the status quo


A refusal to return to the chains that bound me


Art It Up

“There is something collective in art especially art done in solitude.”

If you’re feeling like the world is getting to you, like you just can’t get a break, make some art. You will still hurt. You will still be soft but every time you share your guts, one more person will be less alone. But don’t do it for the others no, do it because this is the most important thing on your list.

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The Gift of Thought

We are strongly encouraged to live on autopilot day in and day out but we need time to rest so that we can think clearly. It is not necessary to be able to recall information at warp speed, but we do need to give our brains what our brains need. Here’s a list of a few things our brains thrive off of and that help me take full advantage of my thoughts.

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James Abbott McNeill Whistler




Whistlers early and consistent use of musical titles ‘nocturnes’, ‘symphonies’ and ‘arrangements’, helped to confirm the impression that the visual arts ought to aspire towards the condition of music; and his decorative ideas- such as the use of a peacock- feather pattern in the room which he painted for his patron F.R. Leyland- were extensively plagiarized.

According to Edward Lucie-Smith in his book titled Symbolist Art, “There is some current disposition to underrate Whistler and write him off as an essentially isolated artist. To do this is to distort the history of the art of his time, in which he was, and remained an influential, even central, figure.” I think very often we as artists forget how much effort it takes to stay in solitude to complete a piece. Outside of the art world they may never understand the amount of copious hours we spend hacking away at our projects. If you’re all in, it’s a constant battle to stay focused and build your piece into something you can be proud of. Even here with Whistler people are ready to write him off as an isolated artist, but how we work on our art is how we inspire others and help other creators of our time. This is being part of something. So those of you who are struggling to focus because people say you’re spending too much isolated time on your masterpiece, you’re part of the crowd and you are not alone.



You can check out where I got the pics from here:

Wikimedia Commons

File:Whistler James Symphony in White no 2 (The Little White Girl) 1864.jpg

and here”

Encyclopedia Britannica


Paul Gauguin

Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin was a French post-Impressionist artist. Gauguin is now recognized for his experimental use of color and Synthetist style that were distinctly different from Impressionism.

Paul Gauguin’s The Seed of the Areoi via google

We never really know what stupidity is until we have experimented on ourselves.
-Paul Gauguin

Going off the well trodden path is much harder than people say. He also said,

In art, all who have done something other than their predecessors have merited the epithet of revolutionary; and it is they alone who are masters.

One of our greatest painters feels anyone who does something different is a master. I think I might have to take him up on that challenge. Keeping in mind that while experimentation is exciting and important, it’s also important for me to hang onto my own voice and those little gems that are part of my story. I’d rather have something new that’s genuine than something that’s experimental and fake.