Ode to Ovid This is the first part to a three part series Read part II here Read part III here The divine woman rose from the dustof her fallen father and grandfathers. Her naked body warmand beating with life;Her hair so long itbrushed the ground she walked on. She was gifted with blissfrom herContinue reading “Metamorphoses”

Use the Frustration

For the Conscious Writer I understand the frustration that comes with wanting to write. I understand that sometimes things don’t feel right. That frustration can cause a spiral. It can cause negative reactions but as conscious writers, it’s important that we focus this energy into our art and creativity. Use it in the story. ButContinue reading “Use the Frustration”

Blessed is She Who Mourned

A poem (published on Genius in a Bottle) They told her she’d be healedOver and OverWe believed. Oh, we believed We prayed We fasted We drowned ourselves in the mysteries of faithwe turned the lights off at sunriseknowing it’s the body that fallsnot the word We gathered her broken piecesinto our childish handsand wrapped themContinue reading “Blessed is She Who Mourned”


I wanted to share a poem of mine that was published on Genius in a Bottle a publication on Medium that I really admire. I’ve been going through a literary theory course through open courseware. (You can find it here) And I’ve learned so much and in such an in depth way. The last fewContinue reading “Ecclesiastes”

Blocked? There’s a Way Out

Encouragement For the Conscious Writer Writer’s block’ is an emotional or logical incoherence in a future work slowly working its way through our unconscious. — Alain de Botton So you’ve hit it, the emotional block. It grows. That block grows and grows until you’ve spent the day avoiding the one thing you love doing. ItContinue reading “Blocked? There’s a Way Out”

The Writer’s Den

Jayne.PressOct 22 · 3 min read For the Conscious Writer Now when you first hear the writers den, you might think of Roald Dahl’s writing hut (which can be found here). A place where a writer goes to find solace so they can write novels, think, daydream, and nap. This is not the writers den I’m referring to.Continue reading “The Writer’s Den”

Not Your Worries

For the Conscious Writer You’re going to the edge and leaping over it. No one is going to understand that and don’t expect anyone to. Not even the few that have known you and understood you you’re entire life. Conscious writing leads you to new horizons. Conscious writing is going to take you to placesContinue reading “Not Your Worries”

Dear Author

A letter from your characters Dear author, I am a living breathing human being. I’m not your show horse! I need thoughts and some external stimulation. I need you to give me something to solve or avoid solving by solving something else until I realize the true importance of what I was supposed to beContinue reading “Dear Author”

A Writing Woman’s Space

Inspired Virginia Woolf’s “A room of her own.” What genius and integrity it is for female writers today to write with all the criticism they receive, not just from men but also from other women. Not just about writing but for the way they choose to live. We as women are expected to follow suitContinue reading “A Writing Woman’s Space”

Overcompensating From Fear of Loss

For the Conscious Writer Impending loss has an aura of grief around it. It stalks the ones closest to it and it has not one ounce of sympathy for our very fragile emotions. -Saschia Johnson When writing a character who feels like they are losing the one they love, they should overcompensate. They might thinkContinue reading “Overcompensating From Fear of Loss”